Jacob Mortensen is pleased to offer private instruction on modern or historical flutes, or oboe, 

in-home, via FaceTime/Skype or at his apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn. 


Having had the pleasure of studying with world renown flutists such as, Keith Underwood, Robert Dick, Sookyung Park, Yoobin Son, Stephanie Mortimer and many others, Jacob aims to meld their knowledge and instructional styles with his own insights and practices to create a unique and diverse educational experience that encompasses the physical, musical and historical aspects of performance. Mr. Mortensen believes deeply in well rounded musicianship which includes knowledge of not only the technical aspects of flute playing, but also of basic music history and theory, as well as stylistic tradition and interpretation. Jacob has taught privately for six years and has been on faculty as an Adjunct Instructor of Flute at NYU since 2016.

Baroque and Historical Flutes:

For flutists interested specifically in historical performance or a deeper understanding of historical interpretation through performance on a period instrument, Mr. Mortensen offers private instruction on baroque and historical flutes. Jacob is an avid promoter of period instrument performance and has performed with the NYU Baroque ensemble under the direction of Baroque Cellist, Myron Lutzke, and attempts to include the baroque flute in many of his solo recitals. An in-depth knowledge of the instruments for which early music was written can open the performers eyes and ears to the true musical experience and ethos intended by the composer.


Mr. Mortensen has studied the oboe for ten years and has appeared as a soloist with the College of Saint Rose Symphony Orchestra in Aaron Copland's Quiet City for English Horn and Trumpet, as well as in concerts at The College of Saint Rose, and New York University. Throughout his Collegiate studies he has had the pleasure of working with oboists Mathew Sullivan, and Sherwood Wise through both Chamber coaching and private lessons. Jacob currently performs as oboist in the Village Winds woodwind quintet of which he is a founding member and the artistic director.

For information on current rates, or to book a lesson please contact me either through email or phone.

Email:                       Jlm971@nyu.edu

Phone:                     (413)454-5963